Our regularly serviced, modern fleet allows seamless Tourism, Agricultural and Commercial operations.

AS350 Type Aircraft

Commonly referred to as ‘the Squirrel’, this machine is a modern, six passenger seat open cockpit aircraft allows all passengers unencumbered, panoramic views. The Squirrel is an extremely versatile helicopter, lending itself effortlessly to luxury tourism and commercial work alike.

Length: 10.93m (35 ft 10.5 in)
Maximum speed: 287 km/h (155 knots, 178 mph)
Cruise speed: 245 km/h (132 knots, 152 mph)

Robinson R44 – Raven II Type Aircraft

Often referred to as the ‘Robbie’, the R44 is a reliable three passenger, open view cockpit helicopter catering for smaller agricultural and tourism needs. Nimble enough to navigate through some of the most dynamic landscapes, the Robbie caters perfectly for smaller groups of up to three passengers.

Length: 9.0m (21 ft 5 in)
Maximum speed: 240 km/h (130 knots, 150 mph)
Cruise speed: 200 km/h (110 knots, 130 mph)

Airbus EC120 Type Aircraft

The Airbus Helicopters EC120 Colibri or “Hummingbird” features a wide, ergonomic cabin with outstanding levels of external visibility, making it perfect for scenic flights for groups of up to 4 passengers.

Length: 9.6 m (31 ft 5 in)
Maximum speed: 278 km/h (150 knots, 172 mph)
Cruise speed: 223 km/h (120 knots, 138 mph)


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